What is a 10 Minute Email? - Fake Email without Phone or Password

What is a 10 Minute Email? - Fake Email without Phone or Password
Published in : 20 May 2022

What is a 10 Minute Email? - Fake Email without Phone or Password

Are you tired of receiving spam messages in your main email inbox? Do you know that there is something called a 10-minute email?

When creating an online account that you may not use for a long period, one of the ways to prevent receiving unnecessary messages from the platform that you created an account is to use a 10-minute email for your account registration.

Many digital marketers tend to purchase a bulk email list from several platforms of which your main email address can be released during this period, to prevent this,

 you can simply use a 10-minute email when registering with untrusted platforms.

In this guide, we will elucidate all you should know about the 10-minute email.

What is a 10 Minute Email?

What is a 10 Minute Email

A 10-minute email is also called a temporary email, disposable email, temp email, fake email, etc. 

An email that is created to be used for just a one-time registration is an email address that lasts for a few minutes (10 minutes) or a few days.

Since the user of the 10-minute email did not submit any of his data to the 10-minute email generator platform, 

the platform tends to auto-delete it after a few hours or a few days after those 10-minute emails have been generated to the users.

When creating an account with some untrusted platforms, we recommend that you use a 10-minute email to avoid spam messages bombarding your real email inbox.

Is Burner or 10-Minute Email Safe?

Yes! A 10-minute email is quite safe because the platform will never collect the user’s data before issuing the 10-minute email to its users.

When using a 10-minute email, you are 100% anonymous on the internet.

Top Best 10-Minute Email to Prevent Spam Email in 2022

#1. Tempemailgen.com 

Tempemailgen.com is quite an outstanding platform that gives its visitors unlimited email addresses for their online registrations and email confirmation.

Tempemailgen.com uses real-time server responses to match its user's needs speedily.

Moreover, this awesome platform is quite new but besides that, it uses an AI-based tool to respond to the user's query.

Creating your free email addresses with Tempemailgen.com is very simple. All you need is to launch the website and your free temporary email address will be there for you.

Unlike other services, Tempemailgen.com auto-refreshes its user's email inbox, ensuring that no users miss out on important messages that will be sent to their email addresses.

When you think of a stress-free email address without a phone number verification, we recommend Tempemailgen.com


To get started, visit https://Tempemailgen.com


It is 100% free for every user.


  • You can create an unlimited email address for free
  • The user interface is quite amazing
  • It operates in real-time
  • No credit card is needed


  • Your email address will not last forever


#2. Tutanota

Tutanota is another awesome email service generator that does not require its users to verify their phone numbers.

 This platform is end-to-end encrypted and it uses AES technology.

Tutanota allows its users to get about 1GB of free storage for keeping their email messages and files.

 The most interesting thing is that these platforms do not have advertisements.


Tutanota is free if you don’t need many services from them


  • Users don’t need any phone number when registering with this platform
  • The platform is open-source


  • Your available storage is limited to just 1GB
  • The platform does not support auto-response 

#3. Mail.com

Mail.com is another email provider that does not request phone number verification from its users during signup.

They reserve 2GB of free space for their users and users are permitted to send about 50MB files at once.


This platform is quite free.


  • Users can manage multiple accounts
  • You will have 2GB of free space


  • Users must have an existing account for verification, else they are to use their phone number for the verification.
  • It displays advertisements in its free version.

#4. GMX Mail

GMX Mail which stands for Global Mail eXchange Mail is owned and managed by Global Mail eXchange, an outstanding company in the district of Germany.

Although there are no storage limitations specified by this platform for its users, users are allowed to send files of only 50MB at once and their visible free storage space is only 2GB.


It is quite free for everyone


  • Users will have 2GB of free storage
  • It is very easy to use


  • It has advertisements.


#5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based email service provider that is privacy-focused and it is quite secure.

While using their free plan, users will have about 500MB of free space for storing their email messages and files. 

Also, users can send up to 150 emails each day for free.


There is a free and premium versions also


  • It is end-to-end encrypted
  • With a password, messages will be protected from non-users.


  • Their premium version is also limited to messages

#6. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is quite an amazing free disposable email address service provider that allows its users to create diverse temporary emails with phone number verification.

This platform allows users to attach files of about 150MB in size. 

Moreover, since this platform gives disposable email addresses, it is quite hard for users to reset their passwords.


Guerrilla is quite free


  • It allows you to get a disposable email address quickly
  • All your received emails are kept for only one hour after that they get deleted


  • When notice your inbox ID, they can access it from any location

#7. Mailinator

Mailinator is another amazing platform that allows its users to create lots of emails without the need to verify their phone numbers.

Mailinator is one of the best platforms that will help you to keep your email inbox free from spam. 

Moreover, Mailinator email inboxes are public and your received messages will be deleted automatically.


Mailinator is free for every user regardless of your location


  • You can easily create a free temporary email
  • It is very easy to use


  • Your email address is public and people can easily access your received emails.

#8. Mailfence

Mailfence is quite a fantastic platform that offers assorted emails to users without asking for phone number verification.

This awesome platform has lots of features for its users such as cryptography, no third-party access to your data, True OpenPGP end-to-end encryption, etc.


Mailfence is free


  • It has end-to-end encryption
  • The platform uses cryptography to protect your emails


  • Their premium version is quite expensive

#9. Email on Deck

This is another fantastic platform that allows its users to create temporary email addresses without needing to verify their phone numbers.

Moreover, while creating an account with this platform, you need to prove that you are human before your disposable email address will be given to you.


Users have free access to the platform


  • You can use exclusive domains with the PRO version


  • Users cannot recover their email addresses after deleting them.

#10. Fast Mail

Fast Mail is quite an amazing free email service provider that enables its users to create lots of email address accounts without verifying any of them with their phone numbers.

This platform gives 500 MB of storage and about 100 messages to its users daily.


This platform is quite free.


  • It is a free email service provider


  • Storage is limited to 500 MB


Do we hope you learnt what a 10-minute email address is all about? Also, we elucidated the top 10 best 10-minute email generators as of today.