How Long Does a Temporary Email Addresses Last? Truth Reveals!

How Long Does a Temporary Email Addresses Last? Truth Reveals!
Published in : 19 May 2022

How Long Does a Temporary Email Addresses Last? Truth Reveals!

If have you been hearing of a temporary email address and probably you want to create one for your online registration but you don’t know how long the temporary email will last before it will be auto-deleted, then you are in the right place.

Moreover, several platforms issue temporary email addresses to their users but the email life span is quite dynamic as the developers of those platforms have different intentions in mind before developing them.

Hereunder, a temporary email which can also be called a disposable email is an email address that is created to be used just once, since it will be auto-deleted from the server after a few minutes.

In this guide, we will teach you how long temporary emails last and other answers to questions that are related to temporary emails; for instance, if temporary emails can be recovered after deletion.

How Long Does a Temporary Email Last?

How Long Does a Temporary Email Last

From our research, the average life span of a temporary email address is just 10 minutes.

Moreover, since several platforms issue temporary email addresses, some platforms extend their temporary email address life span to days or even months, depending on how the developers of that platforms structured their auto-generated email address expiring date.

In most cases, the temporary email address is called 10-minute mail, fake mail, temp mail, disposable mail, etc. 

because their life span is quite short.

When obtaining a temporary email address, you can search for a temporary email address generator that has a long expiring date,

 so that you can use it for a while before it will be deleted from the server’s database. 

Do Temporary Emails Get Deleted?

Yes! All temporary email addresses get deleted after a while because the platform that gave you the free temporary email did not collect any of your data which can help to retain that email address to be yours.

Because of this, they tend to delete it from their database since it is created for just a single use and they believe that the user must have made use of it for the purpose they generated the email address.

Meanwhile, temporary emails get deleted after a short period, probably within some days or longer.

Any time you are using a temporary for your online registrations just has in mind that it will surely be deleted.

Can you Recover a Temporary Email Address?

No! The reason is that the user that obtains the temporary email from a temporary email generator website did not create an account with the platform.

This means that every temporary email address is used anonymously since users did not submit any of their data before obtaining the temporary email address.

Also, since temporary emails are auto-generated, the platform always auto-deletes them from its server.

Since temporary emails are designed for just a single use, there is no need to think of recovering them because the platform must delete them after a few days or minutes.

Are Temporary Email Addresses Legal?

Are Temporary Email Addresses Legal or illegal

Yes! Temporary email is quite legal in every country because they are disposable email addresses that can as well be called burners, in the sense that they burn out quickly.

Regardless of your country, a disposable email address is not illegal because they are generated through legit and legal means.

Moreover, while performing some actions online, we recommend using a disposable email address for security reasons.

Because of the spam messages that digital marketers use to bombard users' email inboxes, developers decided to create a platform where users can generate unlimited temporary email addresses which can be used for one-time registrations only.

Top 3 Email Services  that Offer Temporary Addresses

Below are some of the biggest temporary or disposable email services providers;

#1. is quite an outstanding platform that gives its visitors unlimited email addresses for their online registrations and email confirmation.

Tempemailgen uses real-time server responses to match its user's needs speedily.

Moreover, this awesome platform is quite new but besides that, it uses an AI-based tool to respond to the user's query.

Creating your free email addresses with is very simple. 

All you need is to launch the website and your free temporary email address will be there for you.

Unlike other services, Tempemailgen auto-refreshes its user's email inbox, ensuring that no users miss out on important messages that will be sent to their email addresses.

When you think of a stress-free email address without a phone number verification, we recommend

To get started, visit

#2. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based email service provider that is privacy-focused and it is quite secure.

While using their free plan, users will have about 500MB of free space for storing their email messages and files. Also, users can send up to 150 emails each day for free.

This platform helps users to send encrypted emails to others, most especially to other ProtonMail users.

When you upgrade your account to a premium version, you will be given 5GB of storage and 1,000 messages per day.

Creating an account with this platform is quite simple as users only need to follow three steps which involve choosing their preferred username and domain, creating their password, and adding a recovery email address.

#3. Mailfence

Mailfence is quite a fantastic platform that offers assorted emails to users without asking for phone number verification.

One thing about this platform is that its security is very standard and the user’s identity can never be revealed to any third party.

Moreover, while using this platform, when you send a message to someone, the person can easily see your real name.

Meanwhile, to hide your name from those that will receive your messages, ensure to use a fake name when creating your email address with this platform.

This awesome platform has lots of features for its users such as cryptography, no third-party access to your data, True OpenPGP end-to-end encryption, etc.

Furthermore, premium users will be given more advanced access to the platform.


This guide explained how long temporary emails last.  In most cases, temporary emails last for just a few minutes, hours or days, depending on the platform that you generated the temporary email address.

Besides that, we elucidated other fantastic answers you must have been looking for concerning temporary email addresses.