How to Change Epic Games (Fortnite) Email without Verification, Account Access or 2fa

How to Change Epic Games (Fortnite) Email without Verification, Account Access or 2fa
Published in : 07 May 2022

How to Change Epic Games (Fortnite) Email without Verification, Account Access or 2fa

In this current age, Epic games are one of the most popular 3D video games that thousands of users love playing. 

Moreover, the Chinese company known as Tencent Hollings doesn’t just associate with the Epic game but they contributed a major function in this video game.

When it comes to Entertainment companies and 3D Engine providers, Epic games is quite dominating the market with their fantastic features and game sounds.

One of the popular games in Epic is the Fortnite game. 

This Fortnite game has over 2 million user accounts that are very active and new users are being added to the number daily.

Moreover, in this guide, we will show you how to change the email address of your Epic Games account without verification.

 Follow the steps in the next section to see how it is done. Let’s get started.

How to Change Epic Email without Verification

In this section, we will show you how you can easily change emails in Epic games without following all those verification processes. You can achieve this within a few minutes.

Moreover, verifying your email address in Epic games is quite good, since it helps to protect your account and also gives you the ability to participate in a Fortune Tournament, change your Epic Games username, etc.

Follow the below steps to change some of your Epic games account details such as email, etc.

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

To get started, you must log in to your Epic Games account. Upon successful login, navigate to “General configuration.”

Step 2: Navigate to your Account Information

Now from your Account Info, tap on the blue button where your email address is indicated. 


Navigate to your Account Information


Step 3: Enter your New Email Address

Enter your New Email Address

After clicking on the blue drawing icon, a pop-up will be shown to you. 

Here you are required to enter your new email address.

Note: Ensure to use an email address that has never been used on the Epic games platform before.

Next, confirm your email address. After changing your email address, Epic Games will surely confirm your email address.

Note: A security code verification is required to make this change.

 You will not be able to change this email address again for 90 days after this change is saved to this account.

When you are done entering your new email address, click on “Confirm” to continue.

A new code from Epic Games will be sent to your new email address, which you are meant to copy and paste into the pop-up screen that will appear to you.

Step 4: Email successfully changed

After confirming your new email address by entering the code that you will receive in your new email, you will receive another email confirming that your Epic Games email address has been changed successfully.

Can you Change the Display Name on Fortnite Without Verification?

Unfortunately, before you can be able to change your display name, you must have verified your email address.

After verifying your email address by following our guide above, just log in to your Epic Games dashboard and click on Settings, then go to Account Info to change your display name.

In the field labelled “Display Name,” there you will be able to add your new favourite display name while enjoying the platform.

Can You Transfer or Merge Two Epic Games Accounts?

From Epic Games accounts, their support revealed that it is not possible to change your Epic Games accounts or even merge them.

Moreover, if you want to connect an Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch account to your Epic Games account, go to your Accounts Connections page to achieve this.

To transfer or merge two Epic Games accounts, log in to your Epic Games account.

From the HOME Menu, select "Console Settings". Next, scroll down to select “Users,” and “Add User.

Next choose the account icon that you want to associate, transfer or merge with another account.

Is it Possible to Change your Epic Games Email if You Don't have the Previous Email?

Yes! If you don’t have your Epic Games previous email, you can easily change it to a new one.

Just know that your new email address has to be confirmed.

 So even without having access to your previous email address, you can easily change it to a new one once you have successfully logged in.

To achieve this, log in to your Epic Games account and then go to the Account portal. 

In the ACCOUNT INFO section, click the Edit button to the right of your email address. 

In the pop-up window, enter your new email address and then click CONFIRM

Note: You must enter an email address that's not in use on another Epic Games account.

Best Ways to Bypass Epic Game Verification

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With this guide, you can be able to change your Epic Games email address even if you no longer have access to your former email address that was used during your Epic Games account creation.

You can also have more insight about Epic Games from our answers to some frequently asked questions