Can You use Temporary Email To Create Facebook & Social Media Accounts?

Can You use Temporary Email To Create Facebook & Social Media Accounts?
Published in : 01 Oct 2022

Can You use Temporary Email To Create Facebook & Social Media Accounts?

To activate your account on any website that requires registration, such as Facebook, you must provide your email address. 

After signing up for this social network, you will begin receiving a bombardment of messages containing material in which you have little interest.

 You probably sign up for many social networking platforms, which provide different benefits.

Two or three messages a day from this social media will nevertheless fill your inbox with a hundred or more junk by the end of the week. 

Using temporary email while making new quick social media accounts is one way to avoid receiving unwanted messages. 

Keep reading If you want to know how to create a Facebook account with a temporary email address.

Are Temporary Emails Legal?

Are Temporary Emails Legal?

The law permits the use of temporary email addresses. The use of emails that are deleted after a single use is not seen as illegal by many countries throughout the world. 

A lot of individuals preserve their privacy and avoid getting unsolicited communications by switching to temporary email addresses.

 If you get messages from websites that you haven't expressly asked them to send messages it's a problem, and the following is one remedy.

Temporary email addresses related to fraudulent activity or other criminal activities are being terminated as quickly as possible.

Main Functions of a Facebook Temporary Email Address

The primary objective of using a temporary email address is to eliminate the possibility of receiving unwanted messages from Facebook accounts. 

In addition, a Facebook account associated with a quick or fake email address has a lower risk of being compromised by hackers.

There are a lot of people who believe that intruders and hackers utilize throwaway emails on the internet to carry out illicit operations. 

However, this is not the case at all. The following are some of the many beneficial applications for a throwaway email:

  • Removal of Unwanted Email
  • Reasons of confidentiality
  • Avoid the need to register
  • Only intended for short-term usage

How To Create A Temporary Email Address

How To Create A Temporary Email Address

Locate a Provider of Temporary Email Services

On the internet, you may find several different services that offer temporary email addresses. The only thing you need to do is locate one that can be trusted. 

Because there is no other option than to use a web-based service, you will have to generate your temporary email address via the internet. 

You will need to use the website of your choice email service to compose, copy, and check out all of your emails.

The functionality of this is identical to that of standard email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and so on. 

To stay in touch with your temporary email, you must work with a reliable, quick email service provider. If you require them, you should also have access to the messages you have sent and received.

You may make quick access to your temporary emails by bookmarking the website of the supplier or installing a browser extension that remembers the URL.

Create Your  Temporary Email Address

This is a simple step to do. Creating a temporary email doesn't require much more than selecting a dependable provider to use. 

Tempemailgen is your best bet. We make it incredibly simple to generate a quick email whenever you need it.

Make Use of Your New Temporary Email Address

After generating your temporary email, you will need to check it. This portion is similarly straightforward.

 If you come across a website or blog that demands an email address or you want to create a new social media account, all you have to do is enter your temporary email address in the field provided.

 It ought to be possible for you to have messages sent to your new temporary email address.

Expect New Emails to Come in

A temporary mail address enables you to receive emails without them being delivered to your primary email account. 

You can visit the website of the provider in case you find that you still need to check the spam folder for emails that you regard to be essential.

 In that case, the checking process might be considered invalid. Temporary email accounts are deleted by the majority of service providers after a few days, while some delete them within 24 hours.

The length of time that you will have access to your temporary email address is determined by the email service provider that you choose as well as the significance of the spam emails that you get.

 You can go with service providers that will delete your address within a day or two if you do not wish to receive spam messages. 

However, if you are still interested in receiving spam emails, you could look for companies that provide extended storage periods.

Deleting Your Temporary Email

Essentially, temporary emails aren't intended to be kept long.  When their function has been completed, they should be removed from the equation altogether.

The vast majority of Servers automatically delete temporary emails after a certain period. 

In contrast, some let you dispose of things as and whenever you choose, at your convenience.

 In any case, it is vital to delete the temporary email and remove all of those spam messages from your inbox once and for all.

How Can You Create a Facebook Account with a Temporary Email?

How Can You Create a Facebook Account with a Temporary Email

  • Step 1: Go to and click the icon that says "Create New Account."
  • Step 2: Complete the personal information portion of the Facebook registration form with your information. When it comes to the email area, you will need to use the temporary email generator.
  • Step 3: At this point, you will need to wait for the mail that will verify your Facebook account. When it arrives, you may locate it in the inbox of the Tempemailgen program.
  • Step 4: The final step requires you to open the message that Facebook delivered and click the button labelled "Open Facebook." So you've set up a Facebook account using a temporary email address.


When creating a social media account, rather than using an actual email address, temporary emails are utilized.

 This is done to avoid receiving unwanted spam and junk email. They assist in removing advertising and other unwanted emails from your inbox.

 Temporary emails are almost always free to use, have a limited lifespan, and provide you with the option to do so while remaining anonymous.