How to Create Disposable or Throwaway Instagram Account with Temporary Email Generator

How to Create Disposable or Throwaway Instagram Account with Temporary Email Generator
Published in : 13 May 2022

How to Create Disposable or Throwaway Instagram Account with Temporary Email Generator

Do you know that it is possible to have an Instagram account without using your real email address to create an Instagram account?

Probably you have a personal Instagram account but you intend to create multiple Instagram accounts for handling some functions on Instagram. 

you can use a disposable email address to achieve that without hassle.

Instagram being a well-secured social media platform ensures the safety of its users by ensuring that all its users have a verified email address or phone number.

Meanwhile, if you have imagined the scenario of creating a disposable Instagram account, we have gotten the solution of using a disposable email address to achieve that.

Using a disposable email address to create an Instagram account means that all your fake Instagram accounts will have separate email addresses which you can easily abandon anytime you intend to.

This is because those temporary email addresses are used just to create that Instagram account and then you later abandon it. 

 it will never affect the other online activities that you used that email to create their accounts.

In this guide, we will teach you how to create a disposable email address using our best temporary email address generator known as

Since temporary email addresses are designed for temporary usage, you may decide to use them once and never to use them again.

What are Disposable Or Fake Instagram Accounts?

What are Disposable Or Fake Instagram Accounts?

Disposable Instagram accounts are those Instagram accounts that are created just for a particular reason. 

The reason may be just to promote a particular anonymous video.

Since Instagram staffs are very strict with their user’s privacy, they mandate every user to register and verify their accounts with their email address or phone number.

Because of this reason, people tend to use disposable email addresses to achieve this.

Moreover, while using a disposable email address, you can be able to receive emails from platforms that you created an account with using the temporary email address that was generated for you.

This helps to verify your new Instagram account that you created using the temporary email address.

Does Instagram Have Fake Accounts?

YES! Some users who intend to their identity on Instagram tend to use a fake Instagram account to achieve what they want to do.

Moreover, some people who may like to advertise a particular product on Instagram can just create a fake account for one popular celebrity and ensure to regularly update those fake accounts with the latest information from that celebrity, thereby claiming that the account is real.

To avoid being tracked when creating a fake Instagram account, we recommend that use a disposable fake email address to register and verify that particular Instagram account.

Why do People use Disposable Emails?

One of the reasons why people tend to create temporary or disposable emails is to hide their identity from being shared online.

With disposable emails, you can have assorted email addresses without using your phone number to verify each of those email accounts.

Currently, there are several disposable email generator websites such as which you can easily use to generate a quick fake email address for your online registration.

One fantastic feature about disposable email is that after registering with a platform using your disposable email, you can receive an email in your disposable email inbox which you will then use to verify the account you created with that platform.

Why Should you have a Secret Instagram Account?

Throwaway Instagram Account with Temporary Email Generator

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users from diverse countries to create an account and share their favourite videos and pictures. 

Because of this, it is advisable to have a special secret account where you can restrict people from following you or from adding you as their friends, or probably you will only allow the people on your friend list to see your uploaded videos and pictures.

This is for security reasons; because a lot of people will like to be your friend on Instagram just to spy on your account or to find a way to rumour some of your Instagram posts.

For instance, the majority of the celebrities have fan Instagram accounts where everybody can follow them and see their updates.

Besides that, they still have a secret account for their personal use only.

How to Create a Throwaway or Disposable Instagram Account with

To create a throwaway or disposable Instagram account with, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Generate a Disposable Email Address

Go to to get a free disposable email address.

Follow the arrows in the image below to see how to go about it when you open the website above.

 Generate a Disposable Email Address

Arrow #1 is where you can see your auto-generated email address.

If you are using a computer, click on the place I labelled #2 to copy your temporary email address.

Step 2: Go to Instagram and Create an Account

Go to and use it to create an account.

Ensure to use the temporary email you generated in step #1 above.

Step 3: Verify Your Email Address

To verify your email address, open the page where you generated your disposable email address and scroll down to locate your inbox.

Then follow the email you will see in your inbox to verify your Instagram account.

See the image below:

 Verify Your Email Address

Once you verify your email address, you can be able to freely use your verified disposable Instagram account.

Is it Illegal to Make a Fake Account on Instagram?

Since there is no specific law in place that holds social media platforms liable for the creation of fake accounts within their network, it is very legal to create fake accounts on Instagram.

This is because the network only acts as an intermediary and does not directly create the account.

Are Disposable Emails Safe from Been be Traced?

No! Since you don’t create an account when generating a disposable email, there is no how the platform will get your data.

This means that when using a disposable email address, you cannot be tracked.


With this guide, you can easily create disposable Instagram accounts for free without much hassle.

Also, we explained what a disposable Instagram account means as well as other related queries